Quinta de Monforte Rosé
Vinho Verde rosé

Quinta de Monforte Rosé

Tasting Note

Very gastronomic rosé, serious, mineral, dry and with subtle fruit. Produced from Vinhão grapes, harvested early, right at the beginning of the harvest. The grapes went to the press, stem included and minimal intervention, without pressing. In this way, the soft rosy colour of the Vinhão variety is obtained from the red colour that personalises the wine.

Grape varieties



Fermentation in stainless steel vats with controlled temperature at 12ºC


Must be served at 10ºC

Expresso News
Notícia Expresso 0

"João Paulo Martins editor of Revista de Vinhos and contributor to Metrópoles magazine, published by Área Metropolitana de Lisboa and columnist for Expresso magazine has chosen our Quinta de Monforte Rosé as the suggestion of the week."

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Mutante Magazine News
Castas tradicionais, viticultura por medida e respeito pela biodiversidade / Quinta de Monforte  0

"Azal is variety of a grape for a monovarietal. So is Padeiro de Basto. From vinhão we make a rosé and also a red. The sparkling wine is in the caha, the new winery will open doors in early 2023, followed by the tourism facility."

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Grande Consumo News
Vinhas por medida na origem dos novos vinhos Quinta de Monforte 0

"The originality of the wines of Quinta de Monforte is born from the place. Set on terraces supported by granite walls, a peculiarity uncommon in vinho verde, the estate's vineyards benefited from a major intervention when entrepreneur Daniel Rocha acquired the property in 2014."

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Marketing de Vinhos News
Quinta de Monforte na vanguarda dos Vinhos Verdes 0

"The originality of the place defines the project. Coming from vineyards on terraces of granite walls, the new wines of Quinta de Monforte are versatile, light and smooth and yet complex and structured. The modernity of Vinhos Verdes also passes through Penafiel."A originalidade do lugar define o projeto. Oriundos de vinhas em terraços de muros de granito, os novos vinhos da Quinta de Monforte são versáteis, leves e suaves e ainda complexos e estruturados. A modernidade dos Vinhos Verdes também passa por Penafiel."

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Bom Dia News
Quinta histórica de Penafiel na vanguarda dos vinhos verdes 0

"The launch of the first Quinta de Monforte wines symbolizes the start of a more ambitious project that includes the expansion of the vineyard area (currently 40 hectares), the construction of a new winery and a 30-room tourism facility."

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Mesa do Chef News
Quinta de Monforte, novo produtor da região dos Vinhos Verdes 0

"There is a new producer in the Vinhos Verdes region. It is called Quinta de Monforte. It is located in Penafiel, in the sub-region of Vale do Sousa. And it has just made its debut with the launch of four wines. They are all from the 2020 harvest. They are signed by the winemaker Francisco Gonçalves".

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Sapo News
Quinta de Monforte: Vinhos Verdes que combinam com o Inverno 0

"The new wines from Quinta de Monforte are versatile, light and smooth and yet complex and structured. The modernity of Vinhos Verdes also passes through Penafiel.

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Alivetaste News
Novos vinhos Quinta de Monforte 0

"Integrated in a hillside overlooking the city of Penafiel, Quinta de Monforte has the typical charm of the manor houses of the Vinhos Verdes region and also a discreet modernity. So it is also with the wines produced there: aromatic, light and fresh, but equally mineral and structured wines, along the lines of the more complex wines that the region has come to value."

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Wine&Stuff News
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"Belonged to the Martins family in the third half of the 17th century, the current Quinta de Monforte has a documented record from 1683. Between the 17th and 20th centuries, the property, then called Quinta da Naia, belonged to some illustrious families of Portugal. With the arrival of Daniel Rocha in 2014, the estate benefited from extensive renovations and gained the new name, Quinta de Monforte."

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TSF Rádio News
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Quinta de Monforte recently launched its new wines by the will of Daniel Rocha, a young businessman from Penafiel. The plan began in 2014 with the purchase of the farm, there are 100 héctares of which 40 are from the vineyard, but the taste goes back a long way."

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